Agape Service

Remember how loved you felt on your weekend? What a blessing it is to provide the Agape we so lavishly received ourselves. Working behind the scenes on a weekend is a blessing both to you and the pilgrims. Want to volunteer to help? Complete the Service Sheet that was in your packet or download one now, fill it out and bring it to any Emmaus event or mail it to the address below and we'll start immediately to find a place for you in our community of helpers. 

Agape Coordinator
PO Box 292643
Nashville, Tn 37229-2643

The Kitchen
We need lots of people, all weekend long.  For more info, click Kitchen Schedule. Sign up on the chart in the kitchen during Send Off, contact Jenny Shelton , or just show up!

Set Up and Take Down
What can we say.  No glory, but tons of blessing. Come and help on any Wednesday evening (7-9 pm) prior to a Walk, early Sunday morning (about 6:30 am) and on Sunday afternoon (1:30-3 pm) before Closing. Contact Julius Johnson or Mike Foster to volunteer (a Tennessee tradition) or just show up.

72 Hour Prayer Vigil
The Walk to Emmaus weekends are bathed in prayer.  Be a part of this incredibly important part of the walks by signing the Prayer Charts online or at Gatherings and Candlelights OR contact Kimberly Mungin or Carla Snodgrass.

Prayer Charts for Men's & Women's Walks and Face to Face

             Choose the Walk or Encounter on the Left
             Then follow the instructions at the top of the page to add your
                      name for a specific time

We always need Table Agape (75 pieces per Walk). Snack Agape and small toiletry items.  please bring all items to Send Off if possible.  Also needed are people to help put the packets together on Sat. afternoon of each Walk. And Pop-In volunteers are always appreciated. You can contact Charlene Clark  or Deborah Mabry  to volunteer.

Do you have a hidden talent (or humorous lack thereof) that would be a gift for Saturday night entertainment? If so, please contact Ruste Foster. She is always looking for new acts.

General Agape
The Nashville Emmaus Community general agape letters may be requested by email from Charlene Clark or
Deborah Mabry OR via the regular mail from:

Agape Coordinator
PO Box 292643
Nashville, Tn 37229-2643

Please feel free to download an Agape Letter.  We currently have three letters available. These letters are in color, and are best printed on a Color Ink Jet or Color Laser printer.
Agape Letter 1
Agape Letter 2
Agape Letter 3